Swim Lessons Procedure


• A COVID-19 declaration form will be sent to all participants before the commencement of lessons and must be completed prior to the first lesson.


• Participants should not arrive until 10 minutes before the scheduled lesson start time.


• Only one guardian per child allowed in the club for drop off and pick up.


• Participants should arrive beach ready (Swimwear on, ready for lesson).


• A Kingfisher Staff member will mark attendance on class enrolment list.


• Parents and children must sanitize hands before entry and after exit to the changing rooms.


• If parents need to change children, they are recommended to wear face masks while in the changing rooms.


• A parent/guardian of children in levels one and two need to be available in case their child needs to use the toilet.


• Swim teachers will meet the children at the pool entrance and arrange them into their lesson groups, keeping groups a safe distance apart.


• Parents must not wait or congregate at the pool entrance.


• Parents can meet their children at the pool exit at the end of the lesson but they are recommended to wear face masks as social distancing will be difficult in the changing room area.


• We advise against the use of showers after the lesson and that children are dried, dressed and exit the changing rooms as quickly as possible.


• Swim teachers will sanitize touch points and ensure the changing areas are clean and ready for the next group to arrive.

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