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fun and addictive dance workout


fun and addictive dance workout

SH'BAM White
SH'BAM White







WHAT IS Shbam?

SH’BAMis a fun and addictive dance workout where there is absolutely no dance experience required. SH’BAM  offers a great mix of dance styles from latino dance to the latest dance tracks. This class combines cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility training. You don’t need to be an excellent dancer to leave this class feeling energised and feeling great.

How many calories do you burn?

You can burn on average around 410 calories in a class depending on your fitness levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to bring to the class is comfortable workout clothes and runners, a water bottle, a towel, a good attitude and a cheeky smile.

No problem! The moves are designed for everyone from the experienced to the most inexperienced dancer. The instructors will encourage and inspire you throughout the class. This class provides lots of fun while burning lots of calories.

As often as you like! You can also add some strength training with a BodyPump class or cardio training with RPM. Speak to our instructors who will be happy to advise you better to your fitness levels.