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Kids Camps Galway Date May 7, 2024 Join the Kingfisher Fitness Club for an action-packed Summer Sports Camp in Kingfisher…

Join us for an action-packed Easter Sports Camp & Easter Swim Camp running 25th-29th March and 2nd-5th April.

Kids Easter Camp Waterford

Whether it’s hitting the gym, trying a new workout class, diving into the pool or doing a 5k run, prioritise your health and well-being this year

How many calories should you be eating? Learn these important nutrition tips for losing or gaining weight.

A daily step count, what exactly is it and why might it hold some significance with regard to our health and wellbeing?

Training weights 2-3 times a week increases lean muscle and resting metabolism resulting in weights loss and a higher percentage of calorie burning over a longer period of time. Remember, Cardio is important also, for calorie burning, fitness, lungs and heart.

Muscle mass, how can we get it, and how can we get more. Building muscle requires work, and no small amount of effort.

You’ve decided you wanted to make a change. You’ve joined a gym, a club or or have begun engaging in some extra physical activity of some calibre!