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intensity, speed, and resistance


intensity, speed, and resistance





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Spin classes are fun indoor cycling classes where participants ride stationary bikes in a group setting, led by an instructor. The instructor guides participants through various levels of intensity, speed, and resistance, creating a challenging and dynamic workout.

Benefits of A SPIN CLASS

Spin classes are high-energy, effective cardiovascular workouts that cater to participants of various fitness levels. They provide a social and motivational atmosphere, as participants ride together and encourage each other throughout the class. The instructor’s guidance helps ensure proper form and intensity, making it a safe and efficient way to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories.

Live Spin Class - Kingfisher fitness Club Galway & Waterford
Live Group Cycle Class - Kingfisher Fitness Club University of Galway


All you need to bring to the class is comfortable workout clothes and runners, a water bottle and a towel. All equipment needed for the class will be available in the studio.

This class is suitable for all levels of fitness. The instructors will provide options throughout the class to suit everyone.

Our Spin class is a live class ran by our instructors. Our Instructors will help guide and motivate you throughout the class pushing you to achieve your best results.